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Cat Massage Comb
Cat Massage Comb
Cat Massage Comb
Cat Massage Comb
Cat Massage Comb
Cat Massage Comb

Cat Massage Comb

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Cats are losing their minds over our Cat Comb! Every dedicated feline enthusiast should check this out.


  • Improves Blood Circulation.
  • Ensures a Confortable pet massage experience.
  • Suitable for massaging your cat's face, head, back, abdomen, and legs.
  • It makes the hair of your cat more beautiful and shiny.
  • Eco-friendly materials provide a very gentle and soft touch for pets.It also does not need batteries for it to work.
  • Safe for all kinds of pets.
  • It can be used on small and large cats and even on dogs.



✓ What is it for? This shell brush removes up to 95% of dead hair and tangles for your cat easily in just 10 MINUTES! Get rid of tangles, knots, shedding, and mats in the most gentle way possible!

✓ Effective design: This comb comes in the 2-in-1 design to massage your pets while de-shedding loose fur at the same time!

✓ Works on all cats: These shell brushes are perfect for all fur types! Regular brushing and massaging can help improve blood circulation and relax their minds while ridding the loose fur to give them a shiny coat!

✓ Durable and high-quality materials: This shell grooming comb is made of durable high-quality material. Perfect for giving your pets a safe grooming experience!

✓ Easy to clean: You can easily wash it in the sink!

✓ Curvy-tip design: This shell comb is designed with a curvy tip to give your pet a gentle combing that causes zero pain or scratches!



Material: BPA & Non-Toxic ABS.

Size : 10cm/3.94" * 9cm/3.54" * 1.5cm/0.59"


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All other countries worldwide typically take 5-12 days.

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